I teach internationally and am available for bookings globally by appointment, or arrangement. I offer private, corporate and group sessions for any level. Please enquire about your personal tuition or yogic needs, I cater to very beginners to advanced students.I am at your service.

I teach according to the ancient yoga sutras, classes include asana, pranyama, meditation, and philosophy. They are breath focused and can be tailored to meet any need from ‘newbie’ to advanced practitioner. I am comfortable and confident to teach classes that are hatha, vinyasa, flow, restorative, yin or purna style, all with breath connection and awareness. I structure the classes dependent upon what I intuit the students need most.Together we co-create what is needed. I am level 1 & 2 Cert 4 (500hr) qualified, and have all relevant First aid and CPR certificates.

It is important to have a strong foundation of yogic principles and discipline if one wishes to advance with yoga.Classes offer the opportunity of moving beyond ‘normal’ awareness, into the expansive states of the mind, but real change occurs out of the class and in our own environment. Our practice can remind us of the supportive nature of the earth & the sky, and the interconnectedness of body, mind & spirit, deepening our understanding of all. Yoga asana allows prana(life force) to flow through the body, opens the chakra systems and, rejuventates & renews the body at a cellular level. Yoga in all of its 8 limbs is a multi-level form of exercise benefiting the practitioner in many ways seen and unseen; it is a healing medicine for the body, that offers the practioner much greater depth and understanding of themselves. . Generally I offer a substantial guided meditation in savasanah for maximum healing & clearing of any blockages. I also facilitate hour long explorations into breath and meditative practices including yogic and spiritual philosophy and guided mediations
I personally enjoy the practice of all types of yoga asana & try to incorporate the 8 limbs of yogic philosophy into my daily life. My yoga journey has spanned over 30 years(sadly more off the mat than on) and I have noticed that I always feel better physically, cope better emotionally, and reconnect to my deepest desires through a consistent yoga practice. Yoga encourages my mind to make more positive choices in terms of what and how I feed the body, when I rest, when to water & when to awaken. It also connects me back with me, by the gentle reminder that it all really comes back to the breath….The first breath and the last breath & all of those in between.

Looking forward to sharing space and energy with you.

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