Clients and Testimonials

E Bitmead

Love, love, LOVE them! Thank you so much. xxxx

Libby Ferrari

Omg Thank YOU Mandi! I can’t believe how beautiful they are!!! Please feel free to share some on your page – I love the family ones on the bridge.

C. Clarke

Thank you!!! I love them already. So happy to have our first family shoot done can’t wait to get some on the wall xxx

Margaret Deem

Hi the photos are beautiful! Thanks very much.

K. Walther

I experienced yoga for the very first time 2 years ago down at Mandi’s class in Burns Beach. I was so nervous, as the only time I had seen yoga was on the TV and walking past a class at the local fitness centre! But, I have been hooked ever since this first class!
Not only is Mandi approachable and friendly but she also has amazing knowledge. I felt a beautiful connection with Mandi’s style of teaching, bringing it all back to the breath. With this I have been able to calm myself and listen to my inner soul. I suffered depression and anxiety, and although I did my best to keep my mask on to the outside world, It was yoga and the teaching of Mandi that has really provided me with the ability to take off the mask and really listen to myself, silencing the mind, focusing on the breath.
Since these classes I have been privileged to experience Mandi’s private studio. This place has a peaceful feel and a gorgeous view! I have really enjoyed the ‘me’ time away from the children, as I feel I am a better mother and wife after attending.
If you are thinking of trying yoga for the first time, coming back to yoga or wanting to try a different teacher, I Highly recommend Mandi. You will thank yourself for it!

John & Els

We both enjoyed the full version immensely. Our thanks for a job well done. My son and daughter in-law watched to footage & were highly impressed.


The most amazing and beautiful DVD’s you have given myself and my daughters. The 10 min version every body adores and I don’t think we have one viewing without tears. The way you have presented in the leather bound longer version means so much to myself and the girls. The unconditional time and love you have put into something so special for my whole family is testament what an amazing angel you are and to have come into our lives with no expectations, our love for you will always be there letting us know how very blessed we are to have met such a beautiful lady. Love you Mandi always always.


This is such a beautiful way to honor someone’s life. I have never seen anything like this before. It’s brilliant.

K. Laver

Mandi, I know it’s late coming but I would like to thank you for the amazing, beautiful and sensitive approach you took when making my late husbands movie. Although I haven’t yet been able to revisit it it is so comforting to know our girls, family and our incredible friends will always have his movie to look back on, hear his voice and listen to his thoughts in the last weeks of his life. This is priceless and an endless source of comfort to me. I can’t thank you enough, I believe it was fate that brought you to us through the gorgeous Missy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx

M. Renouf

Please find attached the signed image release form. I watched your short video and it just exemplifies the person that you are and the amazing lives that you have been exposed to. Honestly I take my hat off to you, not many people can expose themselves to your line of work. I’m one of them, before my cancer I chose to live a sheltered existence, because it seemed easier….. You amazing women you, keep up your incredible work!!!