I love to share the exploration of Dhyana the 7th limb of yoga over my meditation sessions. I facilitate learning of useful techniques that can be practiced at home and beyond, deepening your inner peace and balance and as effective tools for quietening the ‘monkey mind’. We experiment with many styles and variations as not one size or practice fits all. I teach ‘grounding’,’balancing’, ‘protecting’ and ‘filtering’ of energy and strongly identify with and respect the traditional spiritual custodians of this land, the Bibblemirn people. We practice and develop breathing(pranyama) techniques, many of which are highly instrumental in reducing stress and anxiety. We practice Mindfulness, Japa Mala, chanting, Yoga Nidra, Mantra,as well as guided visualisations. Participants are encouraged to expand their knowledge and understanding of universal spiritual concepts.

The list of benefits of meditation is infinite and only beginning to be fully understood. At a very basic level it can be effective in lowering stress and anxiety, reducing migraine and headaches as well as enabling one to learn to respond rather than react. It is a tool of healing both at the macro and micro levels and can completely turn the energy of a group around. It can be particularly useful either where terminal illness is concerned or chronic pain. Transition guide assistance through the death process is also offered.

I tailor sessions to individual or group needs and am available to be hired for corporate, group or private meditative sessions. All sessions can suitable for children over 8 that are able to maintain concentration for an hour accompanied by a guardian

Throughout the year I regularly hold sessions at Yoga Tree in Joondalup, Sun salute in Swanbourne, Cherishu in Ocean Reef as well as special sessions that are sometimes collaborative energetic efforts sprinkled throughout the year at differing locations over Western Australia and beyond.If you are interested to find out when the next group public session is occurring check out the time table under meditation.

Some of my students enjoyed the meditations in savasana so much that they requested I start producing them so that they could do them at home.
These are available free of charge and can be downloaded below. They are all have different themes but in general are designed to assist you to release any toxic elements of your life, and to lift the body therefore your experience to a higher vibration. All are light infused meditation and the music is supplied by Orin da ben (http://www.orindaben.com).

I hope you enjoy them & please spread the good word of light!

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