End of Life Help

How can I help?

This question is more how would you like me to help you?

I can help by guiding you through some meditation as well as pranyama(breathing) practices to assist you with pain management as well as ease the way for your final savasana, as I have undertaken training to be a ‘transition guide’ and ‘death walker’.

I can help you with creating a memento for loved ones when you are making preparations for the end of your life. This could be a cd of your favourite music, a montage or compilation of your favourite photos or some video footage I call  the ‘Cherish You Process’. Please read more about this below.

I can also assist you to organise your funeral service ( did you know a service can be held literally anywhere, at a beach, your favourite park, pretty much anywhere you want? ). I can hold the role of a ‘celebrant’ at a funeral ceremony, delivering the words you want spoken, in a manner that is appealing to you, utilising any rituals that hold special meaning for you. I can and have taken pictures of services, babies that pass away inside the uterus, as well as filming funeral services or any other of the more challenging life occasions. I work with love, compassion, utmost respect and honour – unobtrusively. Please contact me to discuss what it is you need.

What is the Cherish You Process?

The Cherish You Process is quite simply an end of life process, the filming of a very open, honest conversation between Mandi J Nelson and the subject which is then edited back to create a DVD or online production. The completed product duration is generally somewhere between 10 – 90 minutes with the inclusion of favorite music in the background as well as any old permitted for use video footage and photos(if requested). The questions asked are very similar in nature to those asked in an oral history interview.

How long does the Cherish You Process take?

The interview part of the process generally takes an hour or two and can be spread across a couple of sessions if more suitable for the participant. It’s important to make sure you are prepared with any favorite photo’s you may wish to have included, old video footage that you have permission to use and the names of any particular pieces of music that are special to you. The editing part of the process generally takes a couple of weeks as great care is taken to ensure the essence of a person is crystallized and their integrity not jeopardized, but can take as little as a couple of days when circumstances require.

Who can have a Cherish You Process done?

Anyone with a desire for it!You can be any age and wish to create a permanent record of your thoughts, the way you looked, the music you liked for whatever reason. It can be something that you have done every 5 – 10 years, a continual work in process, or it can be something that you want to do at the end of your life to leave a memento for loved ones. It could be that you want to get your Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Uncle, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife, Partner, Best Friend,or significant other before they pass away so that you don’t forget them or to show at their funerals rather than a photo slideshow. It could be that you want to create what is shown at your own funeral.

How much will it cost?

Substantially less than you will pay a videographer for a wedding production and very little more than you will pay the funeral director for a rushed slideshow presentation ‘when the time comes’.

What do I get?

What you want. That may be a 10 – 15 minute snapshot of the conversation to be used at a funeral with accompanying footage, music or photos, or that may be a 30 – 60 minute ‘grab’ from the conversation, what you want is up to you, whether you are the participant or the person commissioning the production. What you will get is a professionally edited disc, beautifully presented in a boxed black leather disc cover. What you may want is extra copies or a copy of the entire un-cut footage. Turn around time from interview to completion is generally a week or two although this process is subject to immediacy requirements, and can be competed in as little as the same day if requested.

What about ‘camera fright’ or nervousness?

Prepare to laugh & enjoy yourself! Seems a little hard to imagine as at first the idea of talking into a camera can seem a little daunting for participants, however within a surprisingly short time the fact that it is there is forgotten and the experience becomes enjoyable. The questions are designed to gradually ease the subject into a state where they are comfortable to divulge their ultimate wisdom of their unique journey in this lifetime. The significance of what is taking place becomes paramount throughout the interview as the opportunity to leave a tangible record is recognized on all levels of consciousness.

Where may the disc be viewed?

The disc may be viewed publicly or privately.. with the participants consent of course! So, it could be a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, it could be shown upon the subjects’ passing at their funeral or service, or both.

I heard about this too late, what now?

If you have heard about this posthumously its ok, there are still many ways we can honour and celebrate the life of your loved one in a way that will provide you with a beautiful keepsake to immortalize their memory.

I would have loved to have done this now I am too sick

Again, we can still do some very easy things to create a unique and beautiful memento for your loved ones. Its never too late. And I can be engaged to take photos of services, or loved ones after they have passed on also and handle these occasions with the utmost love, respect and care.

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