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Mandi Nelson – Biography
“Mandi was Earthed this time around feet first, August 13 1969, firstborn to young parents. She was a conscientious, dedicated & naturally talented student of whatever she took her hand to. At 8 years of age, Mandi Nelson picked up a yoga book and started to try out some ‘yoga asana’ with her sister, to explore the realms of transcendental meditation as well as hold their own sceances. She became an accomplished gymnast – practising for 10 yrs as well as many forms of dance, which taught her to listen to her body as well as to develop a sense at an early age of what fuelled the vehicle vs flattened her energy. As she grew she continued an inquiry into the spiritual realm, learning about different religions, philosophy’s and rituals. At age 15 a broken arm that was unable to be reset properly forced her to conclusion from the discipline of gymnastic practice and allowed for a much larger sphere of experimentation. Thus began a descent into substance probing to varying degrees for a period of 8 years, culminating in a couple of stints in rehab for amphetamine usage. Rather than handing her ‘power over to a power higher than herself’ as narcotics anonymous suggested, she found ‘herself’ back on a yoga mat through a disciplined self practice, including meditation and eating healthily and consciously, kicking the addiction.

She had a death experience at the age of 24, where she had a real sense of being here on Earth for a purpose, that she had work to do, and it wasnt her time yet. Over the span of 47 years she has had many death experiences (either being around people as they died or been invited to work with people transitionally or simply been the ‘goto’ person after someone has passed away).

Mandi studied in psychology, womens studies, media, youth work and criminology at university, has been married once and has solely raised 2 individually sired children . She has explored many versions of religion and spirituality including from Christianity, to Buddhism, Goddess, and Raelian movement. She has been employed in hospitality management, retail, worked as a new homes sales consultant, as well as in real estate sales, as a youth worker and as a book-keeper. 9 years ago she re-trained in multimedia, learnt to build websites from the ground up and began offering the ‘cherish process’ where she films people to record their stories before they die., almost like an ‘exit interview, to record the information on the akashic record. This is a remarkable process where the veil is lifted for the participant, and they get a sense of where they are headed. Similarly Mandi resumed an adolescent passion of photography, and has been involved in many projects, including self funded documentaries, music videos, filming sporting and conscious raising events. She can often be seen at her local beach at sunset doing family, pregnancy, yogic or pet photo shoots.

She works with the Aboriginal Bibblemirn people in Western Australia, helping with filming/photographing, womens healing ceremonies and other events as requested. She works on projects of the highest integrity that she can share some of her light with.
A dog bite in Bali by a suspected rabid dog proved to be a wake up call in 2009, whereby Mandi Nelson stepped onto the mat and up to the plate in earnest, devoting her life to service doing what she was ‘called’ to do. Determined to be the best version of herself she could, she gave up any form of alcohol and a long time addiction to nicotine, re- commenced a disciplined practice of yoga and meditation, aspiring to healthy living and eating, so that she was able to work in the highest realms.

Mandi was called to learn to teach yoga in 2012 after finally realising that her own life worked so much better when she was on the mat, and that this was something she wished to share with others to enlighten them also . Despite the many deviations of her own yogic journey she finally understood that her life worked better under the discipline and influence of yoga. She has been teaching ever since in the Northern and central suburbs of Perth, Broome, Bali, Byron Bay, Seim Reap, Cambodia, India as well a facilitating retreats for spiritual growth and wellness. She teaches a sacred breath focused co- creative fusion of asana, meditation and philosophy mixing and matching the tempo and challenges depending upon the group or individual needs. Mandi holds regular group and private classes in yogic studies as well as meditation, and often hosts one off workshops in meditation or yoga with co- creators & Alchemistic Sound Healers Julian Silburn or January. She teaches the elderly chair yoga, specialised yoga to children, teenagers, disabled and those undergoing challenges and difficulties in their lives. She utilises healing, crystals, sound and essential oils in her sessions. She also assists others on their yogic path of teaching by mentoring and counselling.

She regularly attends sound healings, and other spiritual practices to continue her own spiritual awakening and awareness, as well as reading and studying avidly whatever she is called to . She writes a regular blog about the aspects of the moon each full moon to assist all to align with the changes that are occurring on a planetary level. She maintains a daily yoga and meditation practice, sees movement as integral to keeping the system clean. After spending many years denying a spiritual life, she is now firmly committed to one.

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